LL Creates: Tree name dress

In reality the dress looks a lot less crumpled but much smoother. The other pictures will show the texture of the dress better. I went for a simple cut with a deep back cut so it can be understated under a cardigan but sexy as soon as it's just the dress. I love this dress with the yellow shoes. with the gold earrings it closes the cycle and as the dress is a print of tree names in green, it seems only fitting to have children's-painting-sun yellow with the outfit.

These images show a close up of the fabric with tree names, the texture of the fabric is really nice and visible. I added the buttons to the zip to give the dress a nicer pull and add some detail.

I wore the dress to work quite often, but also to visit the court house in Jerusalem, with orange flats and an orange bag as well as a green rimmed straw hat.

LL Creates: Check raw silk dress

I know I look tiny but that's because stu is so tall haha. This is the whole view of the dress, which I think is really flattering. It needed a lot of adjustments but got there in the end... The fabric is 100% raw silk. On the close up pictures you can see the specific layered stitching that makes this dress so special: from the waist up, in the skirt and in the arms. The back has four of these self covering buttons, that I made myself, of course.

LL Creates: Monkey dress

This dress took me both over a year and only a day to make. I had the fabric for quite a while but although I loved the color, I was afraid to use it as it can be understood wrongly (dressed monkey is generally considered quite racist). In the end I just went for it as it seemed a shame to waste such great colors and I am glad I did as no one except my boyfriend seemed in the slightest offended.

It is a lovely heavy summer dress that hangs very nicely. The strip at the front of the skirt sometimes gives the illusion of it being a pantsuit, which I find quite interesting.

LL Creates: Kimono dress

I call this dress "Kimono dress" because it's made out of incredible vintage japanese kimono silk fabric. I've never encountered fabric that is so versatile (it's so thin it's see-through) yet stronger than leather. Amazing. You can see the detailling of the fabric. It is not yet complete, I will put more images up once it's completed.

LL Creates: Blue Pantsuit

This is a pantsuit rather than a dress, which makes it THE most comfortable, yet flattering one piece outfit ever. The main navy blue is made of suiting fabric, which is a specific way of weaving. It's 100% cotton and the lining is 100% raw silk. (I love it!) It has a lot of details and was one of the most difficult dresses I've made (so far).

LL Creates: Red'n'Blue Paw's dress

I was not born to live in cold climates. As the sun started coming out, I was inspired to create more summery clothing. I liked the idea of having the main body of the dress in one color and finishing it off with a different color of the same pattern. The back cut fits really nicely, just in the middle of the back! I used hooks to fasten the top above the zipper for the first time, which gives it a nice pull.

I have worn the paw's dress a lot during holiday breaks in general such as during my Easter break and when visiting the market in Safed, always accessorised with either navy blue or red.

LL Creates: Leather wallet

This is the wallet holder I made out of the leather a friend gave me. I had a white crocodile leather card holder, which was too small for my ID and getting dirty from all the use (as is to be expected from white things). However, I didn't want a whole wallet as these have more departments than I need. Now I have a place that holds everything I need ... but not more than I need! The wallet lining has my signature burned into it and closes up with a wood button.

LL Creates: Cashmere dress and suit

This dress is made of cashmere and lined with white silk. Sowing the pleats in wasn't as much work as having to almost stand on the iron to get the pleats to stay in the versatile cashmere fabric. The whole dress took me a weekend to make but the pleats alone I had to iron for about 3 hours.

You can see the lovely fabric close up and also the lovely back-bow. I wear the dress a lot to work, including the day of the office photo shoot.

I made this jacket out of cream cotton velvet lined with the same cashmere fabric as my dress and wear it a lot with just general clothes.

I have worn this dress to work a lot of times, including the day of the office photo shoot and when visiting the biggest excavation site in the world somewhere in north Israel.

LL Creates: Post box dress

This is a concept dress/ training dress before making the cashmere dress. It is made of royal mail bags and has a red lining in reference to the post boxes. The back of the skirt is completely red and has the same pleats as you can see at the front.

LL Creates: Yellow children's dress

This dress came about as I had a lovely yellow fabric that I wanted to use but it was not enough to make anything out of. I therefore used it as a pattern for a black dress. Although you cannot see it here (due to my slumpish sitting) I have a belt as well.

Another attempt to get the whole dress on a picture on my own. This was the first time I made a collar and it worked out quite well...

The black main dress is originally a felt dress in the style of a II WW nurse by H&M, which I altered.

LL Creates: Blue striped silk dress

This is dress is based on a dress I saw in Selfridges for about 600 pounds. I loved it but knew I could easily make it myself. It is made of silk white net as a base and strips of silk navy blue chiffon all the way up. It has a skin colored layer underneath it. Adjusting the waistline...

Unlike the original dress I saw I finished my dress off with something more special. Instead of using a zip I created about 40 individual hooks and little buttons made of the same material. However, they kept opening up so I changed it to having the lower 2/3rds in a blue zip and the top part in buttons.

LL Creates: Pirate dress

This one is a bit strange. It can only really be pulled off in a dark club as the back of it is slightly crumpled. The fabric is cool though and underneath the dress I used 4 different colored nets to make it stand out (yellow, red, white, orange). The fabric itself is cool and I used real stones as buttons.

I was still getting used to translating actual measurements and design to create a dress. I forgot to add some hem allowance at points, so I had to get creative and add a whole piece of fabric.

LL Creates: Velvet & cashmere suit

This is the first piece I made on the sewing machine myself. It is a brown velvet outer and cream cashmere lining suit as a Christmas present for my brother in law's nephew. I made it slightly bigger so it will actually fit him when he grows a bit... that's always an issue...

I had to re-do the trousers as I managed to create two pieces of the same leg. :D

Portmanteau Diary: Arrival of the Toyota!

For my birthday I received a great present from my boyfriend's mother, who originally had the sewing machine for his sister. However, as she hardly ever used it, they saw it fit to pass it onto me. As you can imagine, I was over the moon! Now the real blog begins...

LL Creates: Word puzzle dress

This dress I call the "word puzzle" dress. I like that it is quite simple at first glance, so I can wear it to work or at understated scenarios, but has a twist at second glance.
The letters I used across the dress spell out my full name. This dress also has a lampshade neckline and front pleats as an extra touch.
This was, originally, a simple black H&M dress, which I had altered by a tailor. This was before I owned a sewing machine, otherwise I would have done it myself.

What LL Wore: Map dress

Again, this is one of my favorite dresses. I wore it at several occasions but the most notable (which was the reason I wanted the dress) was Jemma's and Aiden's wedding. The V outline at the back is one of my favorite things about this dress. I have an obsession with old maps and the colored outline allows me to wear the dress with strappy heels and clutchbags in either red, yellow or blue.

I looked for the fabric for quite a while but most of them seemed childish. This one was elegant and is made of a very fine cotton, a really stunning fabric. I had this dress made by a tailor. Instead of just picking up the dress, I used to watch him make it and learned quite a lot.