LL Creates: Tree name dress

In reality the dress looks a lot less crumpled but much smoother. The other pictures will show the texture of the dress better. I went for a simple cut with a deep back cut so it can be understated under a cardigan but sexy as soon as it's just the dress. I love this dress with the yellow shoes. with the gold earrings it closes the cycle and as the dress is a print of tree names in green, it seems only fitting to have children's-painting-sun yellow with the outfit.

These images show a close up of the fabric with tree names, the texture of the fabric is really nice and visible. I added the buttons to the zip to give the dress a nicer pull and add some detail.

I wore the dress to work quite often, but also to visit the court house in Jerusalem, with orange flats and an orange bag as well as a green rimmed straw hat.