LL Creates: Snowflakes Rose Dress

Yes, it's Easter. However, the flowers in my garden are making me think of a Christmas song in German, which talks about a rose that flowered in the middle of winter (Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen). Now, I'm not religious, but it's one of the only two songs I "can play" on a Piano, so I've always liked the imagery. A few weeks ago, instead of being annoyed by the snow in London that was getting me stuck at home, I made it into a dress. I created the neckline in the form of a rose (six- seven layers) and continued the theme of layers by having a full circle as a layered back skirt which ties up to the underlying front layer as an open, flared piece.

P.S. you can tell it's winter - I'm pale as a ghost and need to wear trousers under the skirt because it's too cold to try things on.