LL Creates: Hélio Oiticica

Unfortunately I can't find a picture of the actual piece. It's a three dimensional yellow piece made of wood that's quite hard to photograph but is perfectly geometric as can be seen in my calculations for the dress itself where I need to you the measurement of shoulder to shoulder as A1. I'll upload it once I've found an image. You can sort of see it in the background, floating in the air.

The name of the piece is "Relevo Espatial", made by Hélio Oiticica in the year 1960.

Trying to figure out the dimensions of the piece and how it could translate into being cut mainly from one piece of material in order to avoid as many sewing points as possible where there would be none in the piece itself.

The first few drafts were out of proportion, the placing and direction of the layers are wrong and the buttons are of course totally wrong. The drafts show the feel of the dress or jacket quite well. The back should have another layer appearing from the right arm fabric which leads to the pointy end on the left side. (The name is spelled wrong here...)
Although not as good a drawing, this one was done after the creation of a piece with "shitty" fabric, where I had to mark down several technical differences that come up between a sculpture and the human form. I therefore changed the pattern to suit and flatter the female shape as the form that is equivalent to the straight shape of the sculpture translated into a piece that can be worn. However, the proportions are to be mathematical. Neck to Neck: A1. Right arm 2xA1. etc The most difficult bit is the neck, which as per calculation should be 2xA1 as well, which is only possible if folded, but should still be a high neck.