LL Creates: Ivan Serpa

In the Style of Hervé Léger this painting cries out to be interpreted as a sexy, flattering bandage dress.
During the times when I was coming up with ideas for the recycling range for SFG I orgered a ten pack of white sports bandages to create as first seen done by Heike Makatch in the (bad) film "Nackt" in 2002, a time when I had two pair of shoes and could not have cared less about fashion this outfit stuck in my head. I couldn't find a better picture and since "Nackt" means "Naked" in German, porn film come up when I look for it in youtube. Its not really worth seeing, this dress and the fact that it's a bad film are the only things I remember. It's the green dress with the bandage "belt".

I researched the actual thick bandage Hervé Léger uses but as it's the type that usually comes as an elbow or foot set bandage, finding a supplier that produces them in stripes was near impossible and I've therefore decided to use the bandages and die them in my bath tub to the exact color specification of the painting.