LL Fashion Label: Photo shoot with Laura

This one was more relaxed beforehand but I had a lot less control as most of the stuff wasn't discussed, I left it to "the professionals" as it were. We shot in Steve's studio this time and I had met a lovely make up and hair artist, a friend of one of my mother's oldest friends, Amanda. Laura is the sister of Kat, a fellow designer and knitter. This photoshoot included six dresses, as the previous one: The lampshade dress, the blue striped silk dress, the sandline dress, the tweed dress, and two new dresses: the new clear post bag dress, and the purple raw silk check dress and jacket.

This was a new Post bag dress that I had made the night before. I also made the strapless raw silk purple dress with the jacket the day before, so I was exhausted and spent the time that didn't need preparing asleep on the studio sofa.