Portmanteau Commentary: Pledge to avoid consumerism and promote creativity

What so many people in the fashion industry don't realise is that most people don't actually care about whether a jacket has the exact shade and length of a dress or what specific hight of shoe heel is needed for different outfits. I plead guilty to this ignorance. I tend to assume that people who read my blog actually have a variety to choose from.
That's the difference between blogging about something that involves thought or a topic that involves you spending money.
Yes, the idea is to guide or suggest in the direction of you making the best choice when doing so, which is a positive thing in itself, but I am setting myself the goal now to always include advice that includes an option that doesn't require a reader to have to choose between abandoning the advice or consuming. I want to avoid having to evoke a sentence like "But I only have two pair of boots and both are suede! So What do I wear in the rain?"
When I was a teenager (late period ca. 18-19 years) I had absolutely no money to spend on clothes. I was so much more creative in terms of how to match up an outfit with what I have. It's lazy and easy now that I can actually color coordinate my shoes, dresses, coats, scarves, you name it. But there are a few rules I want to put out there that helps stay demure despite mixing up colors.
I'll talk about these in one of my next blog entries.