LL Creates: Purple Raw Silk Check Dress and Jacket

I made this dress in one evening. The challenging issue was to line up the fabric perfectly, from the cut up to the sowing. The skirt has four parts, the middle lines up perfectly as can be seen on here. The bust fits with an elasticated bit on the back that took me an hour in itself to do and re-do.

The jacket is the really lovely bit of this outfit. It has flared sleeves and perfectly lines up. The lining is exactly the same as outside, in fact, I am wearing it inside out on this picture and I didn't notice until I saw that the tuck in of the sleeve was on the wrong side.

I made this dress with Laura in mind, as the photo shoot was the next day. The skirt legth is therefore longer than what I am used to and would like my things to be. Once used by "the model" I might shorten it.