Portmanteau Diary: Backstage at the Indian Premier London Fashion Week

One of the interns gets a weird model kiss - white and black lipstick.

Make up artist in situ - always ready to go!

Neeta Lulla likes her models with attitude, but behind the scenes they are of course themselves - quick iPhone picture!

Anushka Laul
This whole collection was fresh, relaxed, and fun! Highly approved, and that's coming form someone who doesn't like pink! And the designers very laid back and the coolest I've met today!

These two were my favourite interns. Apart from both being cool and sweet, the left one is from Bulgaria, Sofia, like my best friend, and the right one is doing an MA at Goldsmiths on Culture and Design like me and Stu!

Some of the models are waiting to sit in make up for the Arnab Sen collection.

Gayatri Khanna - amazing collection. Cute model - comes across as having a bit of an attitude at first but is actually perfectly lovely. Absolutely stunning in this outfit.

Waiting in line to go out and do their thing on the catwalk

Rocking out backstage - Crazy model Behaviour

After the second run (three collections) we were hungry and exhausted already, so we chilled a bit n the hallway until food arrived and the next colletcion called for cheap labour ;)

Hair for Virtues

The gorgeous Kristin Knox managed to effortlessly look better than all models present combined.


"I haven't drunk water in four days" - Crazy Model Behaviour