What LL Wore: Hitting coral reefs at the office

I met up at starbucks with a former colleague of mine today so he could coach me for an interview tomorrow. We had to re-locate to my old office and I felt very jumpy – my old boss could have walked in at any minute (which isn’t illegal or wrong – just awkward)! It was worth the risk, though, I learned lots! And am feeling very prepared.
The rest of the day was a bit shit, though. London can be pretty annoying sometimes. Why is everything so expensive? Why must we spend £7.50 on a ticket every day and £2 for tiny a handful of vegetables from Marks and Spencers? Spending money on things I see as inessential (such as food and travel!) put me in a very bad mood.
At least I looked the part of the pissed off lady (as well as the part of the eager learning student once accessories were removed inside), which for some reason was making a lot of seedy middle aged men hit on me despite being clearly covered up. Wearing a hat, scarves and sunglasses are such a lovely way to hide.

Black zara hat, black leather biker gloves, Alessandro Dell'Acqua biker sunglasses black sunglasses, DKNY gray white black silk scarf, black longchamp rubber le pliage bag, black long Perseption Concept knit vest, 3 year old h&m blazer, cotton dress with exposed zipper orange dress, Zara moc croc ankle heels orange shoes, aigner pink sunglasses, nude Clavin klein tights