LL Fashion Label: The Lira Leirner Label

Same as I did with my business cards I wanted to keep the clothing label of my dresses personal but crisp with impeccable finish. I took inspiration from hand sewn labels that we find in vintage high end garments, especially 20s dresses and London based hatters such as Madaleine Thonnet's fingerprinted and big stitched labels, originally borrowed from then less obvious identifying criminological methods to prevent counterfeit labels. I am particularly drawn to the stitch and size as well as the delicate silk for the labels raher than the more common cotton version used nowadays, which facilitates the stitching process but takes away some of he glamor that I feel instantly comes across with silk labels.

Using a fine cream raw silk I stitched the logo on with black silk yarn and then firmly pressed the sides in and understitched it onto the lining of the dress to avoid having any stitching seen that would deter from the logo itself, keeping it in line with the aesthetic of my website, which avoids lines and merely graphically implies through positioning of content.