Portmanteau Diary: The Real Runway Launch Party

As so often before, I RSVP'd to a party with the full intention of going. Then my laziness gene kicked in, just about ten minutes before I should be leaving. I was working, and yawning - it's been a long week! I ventured Zahra "Do you want to go? I don't mind either way." And - THANK YOU - she replied saying "OH yes, we are going!" That's her here having a £12 Caipirinha in my hat, looking her hot self.

Thanks to having a friend who knows when to put her Jimmy Choos in my bum to get me going, we arrived in Mayfair after a long winding bus ride. That's the problem when you live in a lovely house in a lovely area - it makes it harder to leave! I'm glad I did, though, as you can see.

Almost as soon as we got there I met the lovely Ellen, who organised the whole event. The Real Runway Launch Party was to celebrate the launch of a slick, minimalist and glossy website which discusses fashion, its runways and backstage issues with a critical, edgy and slightly radical view. Ellen is as lovely in person as in writing, I really hope she had time to relax!

I wish I could now say "I'll let the pictures do the talking", however, my camera ran out of battery ca. half an hour in. Luckily, this was not an issue for WeKnowWhatYouDidLastNight the partner of the event- go have a look, there the pictures will actually do the talking! There's one of me and Zahra, too. One that provoked a friend, who hadn't seen me for a while, to say "Did someone force feed you food?" Lovely.

I ran into a few other fashion people, namely a backstage organiser I met at the Indian Premier London Fashion Week with Vauxhall Fashion Scout, some very VERY young looking models who assured me they were over 18 and were all absolutely gorgeous, very fun, and took us into the VIP area where I happily waved my cross marked hand at the bouncer (I wasn't very impressed that I was cross marked).

Here's a picture of Zephyr (I think!), who was sporting my favorite accessory of the evening - a light tube that molded along the line of his glasses, into the back of his shirt, still very visible, all the way down into... his trousers (the middle area) - and at the front, right into his pocket, pointing at, you know. I'm so glad I saw him early enough to take a picture.

Impressive light show by the Whisky Mist:


I am probably in the wrong business to be admitting this, but I am not one who handles being given free gifts very well. I have a very influential imaginary gnome floating next to my head reminding me that the only things that are of value are the things I worked hard for. In fact, that gnome is firmly lodged in my brain by now.

When an old boss once brought me a present from a trip, I worked extra hours. When Stuart gives me a present, I give him five back (in the grand scheme of things).

So I feel like I need to at least acknowledge the lovely goodies bag that Ellen managed to put together with her impressive PR skills.

And my favorite, the 80s style brushstroked white blue black printed Shirt by Collect London, which kept me warm on my way home and which I've been wearing today with jeans, black studded leather shoes and a vest.

All in all a great night out, amazingly tasting, yet strong drinks (a rare sentence you'll hear from me), and the first hang over I've had in at least four years. That should speak for itself. Thank you, all!