Portmanteau Diary: Enjoying the Creme de la Crepes in Covent Garden

As Karl Pilkington pointed out in his wisdom, Pancakes should be enjoyed any day, one shouldn't have to restrict itself to only a Pancake Tuesday per year, and maybe that Tuesday one fancies cupcakes! Anyway, in another stroke of genius, Charlotte opted to go have lunch at the Creme de la Crepes in Covent Garden for her birthday in order to take into account all our combined food issues.

I was in heaven. I don't usually like eating out. In most places there is exactly ONE thing on the menu that I can eat and if I get lucky, maybe two. And I usually need to ask for some form of adjustment to that order, as well. So I never really get the same sort of excitement and 'problem' of choice, let alone utter the need to want to eat everything on the menu saying "Ohh everything looks so good" as other people do. No, that's not what you hear coming from me. You usually hear a lot of apologetic and frustrated, slightly teary remarks. "So, this is what normal people feel like when they look at menus" I thought. Finally.

I was so happy that I ordered three things while the others such as pretty Jema here, being used to that happening, opted for one pancake (as normal people do). I had a cheese pancake and a Nutella pancake, and I also wanted to get the banana pancake and the vegetables pancake and the... OK you guys can see where this is going. I also had the urge to order about four different smoothies but went for a strawberry, raspberry and mango one, which was so rich I nearly fainted from sheer happiness.

With a pink decor (not my thing) their lovely wooden benches and cute corner tables and even cuter reception and drinks stall were absolutely my thing. They had a pancake machine that took my attention ("Don't be a pancake!" Sorry for the crappy iPhone picture) and a Nutella jar that was bigger than the cooks head - and that's not proportion, it actually was!

Strolling around Covent Garden, trying to rest my overfull tummy. So glad I wore a dress that allowed me to expand as much as I like. Stu and Charlotte giving each other a birthday goodbye!

As usual I was snapping away, so here are some fashion highlights I came across that day.