Portmanteau List: Oscar de La renta Resort Runway show - Tweed and Silk in screenshots and pyjamas

Comfortably sitting in my Pyjamas I was waiting eagerly to watch the Oscar de la Renta Resort Show 1011 at 1pm, hence 6pm in London. Here are some screenshots I managed to take.

It started out with lots of tweed in blue and nude tones and some adorable straw hats that I am known to wear and would wear, moved on to flowing chiffon prints in layers and layers of ruffles, onto voluminous skirted corsetted ball gowns that just took my breath away.

I was too in awe to get a picture quickly enough. These two were my favourites! (Above and below). The embellished nude sheer black dress - amazing. The nude layered big, big gown - almost incomprehensibly perfect. I'm swooning over here.

And here's Oscar de La Renta, the man himself!

The pictures were taken in screenshots from the live streaming at FullFrontalFashion Sundance Channel.