Portmanteau Diary: The other night at the Schon Magazine Party

A long overdue post that sunk under in the sea of thoughts of making a dress for Kristin of the clothes whisperer the other night at Schon Magazine party and meeting Alex of AlexLoves. It was the artist and jewelery creator Robert Clayton of Yorkshire Pearls (go look!) invited me and I was of course happy to come.

Raoul Keil the chief editor of Schon welcoming people he knows in front of the club and Markus Maverick the mad hat 18th century vintage lover and actor.

Funky girls always make it into my blog even if I don't know their names.

Kristin Knox of the Clothes Whisperer, her boyfriend James Cockseye the gallery manager at Paradise Row Galleries, and Katie Croxson, a film producer with Sophoclea Film Production.

OK, Markus, for once the attention is not on you - how BEAUTIFUL is this girl?! I love you (in a purely platonic sense). You rock, girl!

This board sentence is not exactly the most inspired I've ever seen. Urm - it's a pub. Asking if you fancy a pint makes the answer pretty obvious, no? I went to said pub to meet Alex of AlexLoves, who really motivated me with her charming character and her lovely friend Cathy, who took this last picture of Alex and me on the way home.