Portmanteau List: Prada Milan Men's Collection S/S11

I watched the live stream of Prada on AnOtherMagazine and the industrial set up with a beautifully arched fluorescent lighted runway was exciting and beautiful - more so than the collection.

A mix of suits that were not exactly groundbreaking in a "wide" palette of gray, beige and a weird denim somehow wasn't special or crisp but pretty boring. Bearing in mind that nude palettes are very sexy on a man, it simply didn't work - especially with the frame of the stylization being really unflattering - and what was up with the horrible, awful ski sunglasses necklaces? The only place I tolerate these is on an actual skiing person and even then I find it tacky and early 90s. The worst element, however, were the surgical shirts - OK, maybe I don't "get" men's wear but this really didn't excite me at all.

What I liked, though was the arched U-neck outline of the denim jumpers layered over shirts and ties.

At the end of the show things started lightening up with a gorgeous series of knitwear that visually cut the upper body in third by introducing a poncho-like pattern, which I found very inspiring.

There seems to be mixed feelings about the "platform creeper with espadrille and colored rubber sneaker-like layers" (TheMoment). Stylebubble seems to love them but I personally don't.

All images are screenshots taken by me from the live screening except from the last image takes by "TheMoment" twitpic.