Portmanreau List: Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen - my favourite piece

As I was humming happily and eating my breakfast porridge and doing my morning ritual of going through the latest tweets, my spoon dropped and my heart started beating at a rate not recently experienced by a chair potato like me. I came across Fashion Foie Gras' post about Sarah Burton's first Resort Collection for Alexander Mc Queen, sourcing her pictures from Jim Shi's twitter account.

More precisely, my heart fluttered as my eyelids opened wide and the goosebumps slowly but steadily worked their way across the surface of my body.

Look at the perfection of this dress/ coat. As I write this, my heart rate is still trying to calm down. Now, I'm not going to discuss whether she was the perfect choice or how far this is in connection with the real Alexander Mc Queen (although I probably should) - I simply want to admire this dress/coat. On its own. Without context, without meaning, just for its alone standing perfection.

And here it is, once again, in its full glory of perfection (in my eyes):