Portmanteau Diary: Subject60 Launch - Volvo, Beauty, Photography, Music and a lot of free booze

Teaming up writers and photographers with beauty and cool in the greatest cities in Europe is what seems to be Volvo's aim. And they sure surpassed my expectations. I personally wasn't invited but had 'won' a list entry by participating in AlexLoves competition. Here she is trying to make the radio work in one of the pimped cars that made me not want to leave due to sheer comfort (and rare occurrence of sitting in the driving seat) despite the drumming beats that could be sensed through the car from behind the crowd by the blue beams of light.

Due to my naivety and the unfailing momentum of brain failure of mine when it comes to names and faces I really needed Alex to be her wonderful self as well as my guardian angel, to point out or explain who I had just walked up to and asked to take a picture of because I thought "their hat was cool" or "they were beautiful" or similar such reasons.

Due to aforementioned reasons I think I should be forgiven for not having known that the above shocked face upon an impromptu hug by the long legged Andy of stylescrapbook belonged to the infamous blogger facehunter, who I'm sure everyone except me knows, despite the fact that this was 'his' party (which I only found out via tweets of The Clothes Whisperer and Style Cartel).

The Swedish Lykke Li was rocking out in a great leather jacket. I loved their quirky drummer who used merely a single snare drum and a ride cymbal. The pictures in the camera photographed were being taken by Murry.

video video

Queens of Noize lost in the beats, yet alert to the subtle changes of the sound - truly pumping the crowd.

I met some great people, some of which I'd heard of or had come across before, be it on twitter, chictopia or blogs.

Andy from stylescrapbook, unfortunately without one of my favourite people I've met that evening, her friend the gorgeous, sweet and intelligent blogger Sabrina of AfterDRK - all pictures I have of her are unrecognizably blurry and dark, but there's a great one of her on facehunter's Subject60 page.

One of the most understated sexy people of the evening, Chinwe Ujah, and I her sister Sammy Akiwumi.

Murry, the photographer whose pictures I was taking pictures of earlier, and Peter Aluuan, the fashion assistant who got covered in the ice throw of some crazy fan simply because we were standing near the stage!

Jamie Ball the Illustrator of Little Kingdoms, Alex of AlexLoves, Cigarettes and High Heels (can't find your name anywhere! Not in my brain nor on your website... Why, my rubbish memory reports to duty once more!), Miggy of Miggy Likes the Internet and little moi wedged between them in my map dress, Jimmy Choos and a tiny hat from Topshop that I borrowed from Charlotte although she had bought it that very day.

Light show reflected in the rear mirror of the Volvo and groups having fun photographing and singing, being carefully watched by mister bouncer next to tour dates.

Remember the "Relaxi Cab, like Taxi Cab" dialogue that Rachel had with Phoebie on 'Friends' (Season 4 Episode 17)? Well, this one is clearly a Karaoke bar - I mean Karaoke car!

The girl in the yellow shorts rocked some amazing party moments and I don't know what she was on (maybe just free booze or party diva genes) but she was sure fun and great to capture, including the time she climbed to the front of the Karaoke Volvo to get told off by a Volvo guard and letting them know what she thought of that.

In the quest of capturing moments I didn't manage to get everyone's details or names and they'll have to remain named as "Awesome Party Dudes and Dudettes". All I know is that the funky guy with the gorgeous, fierce girl in his arms used to go to Goldsmiths College when I did and that If I knew who she was, I'd want this girl as my model for the next shoot. Instead the only shoot I'll get is the exclamation of "Shoot! I didn't ask for her name".

Sheily Pepper Gnilka kept hiding her face with either her clock bag or her hands- don't know why. She's funky, check out her yellow-blue shoes!

These guys were awesome dancers. And look at that woman's Jacket - she owns a vintage store in New York but I didn't catch her name because she wouldn't write it down. Ah well. I still enjoy the jacket!

Thanks for the nice picture of me, Murry!

All in all a truly fashionable and fun night out, thank you Alex and thank you Volvo!