LL Creates: Blue Black Royal Mail Bag Stage dress for Gabby Young

Last week I came cross the London Plinth, the website by Katie Antoniou and she told me that she is a stylist for the front singer of Gabby Young and Other Animals and that she'd love to borrow a dress for one of the gigs!

Faster than you can type "Yes please with a cherry on top" I said agreed. Quirky and strong, with character and strong survival instincts, Gabby Young fit into the type of character and person that I want to wear my dresses.

Based on her preferences and the numerous pictures there are of her, I created her this the Gabby Young Blue and black Royal Mail Stage dress. Yes I can see the names are getting longer and longer, but it's necessary!

Since the fraying of such an open weave that is the royal mail bag is unpredictable, the dress turned out a whole size smaller! I will be adjusting it for next week's gig by adding panels to the back, but until then my housemate quickly modeled the dress for me (yes, in the kitchen/ studio), so here goes!

Plunging back line with 2 meter black net trail and soft cotton tweed lining with the same fine weave appearance as the Royal Mail Bag. Navy blue hemline and zipper, V-neck shape and molded bust.