Portmanteau List: Hairy Vintage Choices - I need your help to make a decision!

Tomorrow I am going to be covering the charity event called The One Event, which is a collaboration between Amy Wilson from The One Foundation a global organisation that funds clean water, health and sanitation projects and Laura Kate Bradley from Love Miss Daisy with the theme "Fashion through the ages" aimed at raising enough money to fund a PlayPump in Malawi.

In order to do so I have run around town to find myself an outfit and bought a few pieces only to return home and discover they didn't look very vintage at all. I did not despair, though and rummaged through my bigger than life wardrobe and the fashion god shone happily on me when I dug out my low calf length vintage tweed and velvet skirt and a black velvet Subsidio halterneck corset and 5 inch velvet pumps (and other stuff I don't want to give away) - an outfit which reminds me very much of Kirsten Dunst in LV as photographed by Alex from AlexLoves (which is the only reason I even know this outfit).

Image taken from website AlexLoves

However, I am writing this because I need YOUR HELP!! I am absolutely useless when it comes to hair an make up - I can do ONE look, and that's it. I have therefore decided to treat myself and booked an appointment at Nina's Vintage Retro Hair Salon, where thery will also be doing my make-up. Now, I need to know what I want. I can't show up like Kristin Dunst in a little bob. Hair is what will make it vintage! Since I myself have to make the decision, and as you know am totally useless, I'm leaving it up to you to decide FOR me. My hair is roughly at bust length if you don't know me, so I hope that helps.

There you go, here are the choices! I'll have to take the picture with me to show what I want, so it's LITERALLY up to you:

1. 2.
3. 4.
5. 6.
Images can all be found in image google search under "vintage hair" - sorry I'm not more precise, if it's your image please let me know.

I'm counting on you! Please comment below and put the number you think would suit me best... um... this is what I and my hair look like:

Thank you! And remember, write now - it's tomorrow.