Portmanteau Diary: Jacques Townhouse, a fairytale reality

What a beautiful neighborhood to have a whimsical and magical townhouse pop-up to introduce the centuries past within a setting where time seems to have stood still. Jacques, Sophie Ellis Bextor (who I saw dash by before realizing it was her - dear lord, she's tiny! She might even be as small as me!) and most importantly, the mastermind of 40Winks David Carter joined forces to create this magical pop up townhouse. Fashion Foie Gras, Stylecartel and the Clotheswhisper have covered the event with further, and nicer, images than my soon to be updated little grainy camera managed to do, so pop over to their blogs and have a look as well.

I had a truly amazing time - the vintage, whimsical, girly, dreamlike interior and atmosphere was only enhanced by the insanely sweet and faintably tasty cupcakes, lovely people and dress up antics. Thank you so much, Charlotte from Stylecartel and stunning and (honestly!) equally sweet Zahra from the Society Doll (and Exposure PR) for inviting me!

David, the creator and founder of 40 Winks hotel once again created a wonderful experience in connection with the interior, hotel service and soiree fun. Just look at the staff adoring him at the end of the day when he was congratulating them on a job well done. I know a caring boss when I see one!

"Would you like pear or raspberries?"

Baubles, baubles everywhere...
Great party people
The fabulous Charlotte from Stylecartel without whom I wouldn't even have tasted the delights of cupcakes and chirpy servants with Stylecanteen.
Sugababes alert
David showing around the modelesque presenter from Channel 4 I was told (I don't watch TV, forgive my namory for not knowing what her name is) - I didn't really dig her boots but obviously the rest was distracting enough. And then there's Zarah - isn't she pretty?! And that picture was taken with my phone camera!
Lisa Potter Dixon, the Benefit events manager doing my make up

The last two images courtesy of Emily from Fashion Foie Gras, who incidentally is featured in the coming two images
I love the sheer back with zip! And this was possibly the most fashionable couple at the party.
Designer Bert of Yorkshire Pearl and the gloriously dandy gentleman Markus Maverick, Naomi Thompson of Vintage Secret and the vintage model Fleur de Guerre.
How may I be of entertainment?
Please don't predict anything scary...

Beautiful vintage closet
Lira Leirner the Portmanteau during her favourite past time - dressing up wearing a black silk wet-look DKNY shirt, caramel pleat silk Valentino skirt, brown Longchamp Le Pliage bag, Yorkshire Pearl bracelet and black suede curly Buffalo heels and in the second image a vintage big flower dress and my own pearl studded silk scarf. Thank you for the images, Emily and Jacques!