LL Creates: Jessica Jensen - a dream of beauty shared

At exactly 00:55 I stumbled upon a tweet that led me to the Jessica Jensen page, and my mouth filled with saliva. I kid you not.

After a long stint in fashion marketing, Jessica finally put her beautiful concept into her own collection and label in 2008 and boy, am I glad whenever a creative mind escapes the clutches of office careers, and even more so when they bring to the world something like THIS:
From the dreamy, cloudy and mysterious images to the sparkling blue eyed brown haired models to the subdued background of a much wanted beach to the most amazing of all - the dream clutch.

No, I am not one of those bloggers who say "Look how pretty". This is literally the dream clutch, presented like a dream and perceived like a dream. I find it strangely coinciding that Jessica Jensen has not only chosen the same fabric as I did but also the same type of model! Needless to say I have my eyes firmly placed on that clutch and my heart wide open for Jessica Jensen. I am not a bag girl (we all know I'm a shoe girl) but I can really see myself getting my hands on this - even if it is to wear with the Puddle Dress!

As some of you may know, I am in the process of creating a dress, which resembles the natural phenomena of the ripples witnessed when wind sweeps across a puddle nestled on the background of city concrete.
Doing so, I am preparing strips upon strips of double sided satin - colored dark gray and semi matte soft brown. As it comes across the body, there is a lift which emerges bigger and smaller according to the sweep, tilting up and exposing the shinier, lower level of the fabric - the vertical surface, which reflects the light.
Very initial sketches outlining the distribution of the waves
This will be an addition to the Nature DeLuxe Collection - a collection which aims to point out and translate the beauty in nature we look at before us but which most don't truly see. I see myself as an ambassador for beauty, and nature gives us most of it - right there. It's frustrating how little people see but if they need a reminder - this collection is one. And in the spirit of this, I thank Jessica Jensen - for capturing beauty as I see it, and representing it as I would.