Portmanteau Diary: July Drunken Monkey Blogger Meeting

Chitty Chat, so much to talk about!
Planned for a month, hyped and talked about throughout - the July Drunken Monkey Blogger Meeting united some fine fashion power with the purpose of making three dimensional what has been deemed by the mighty internet god that is google to have "a better grasp of social media than any other" (fashionista.com) as well as of course having a good time. Set up and organized by ever partying, awesome bird-plastic-scenery-jewelry wearing Fi from SaveOurShoes (or short: fashion SOS), the combined force of twenty or so fashion bloggers was seen strutting their vintage or/ and fabulous self in Shoreditch, getting stuffed on Dim Sum at the very busy Drunken Monkey Bar. Although Rena from The Fashion Dreamer seemed to have had a bad experience of waiting and service at the bar, mine was wonderful. I got served almost immediately by such a lovey girl I gave her a 15% tip on top of the incredibly overpriced but very tasty Caipirinha.

Wahey, I was sitting with fellow vegetarians. And there's Cillian in the striped mariner shirt!

Anywhooo, waiting with me at the bar was my favourite new bloggerista of the night, Maria who contributes to Mediacation. Fun and witty, I later found out that, strangely enough, the very same mentioned blog is Nik's - who just so happened to have been my favourite new blogger (isto?) of the evening and equally as fun and witty, someone I'm sure I could hang out with every day if must be. Isn't that a strange coincidence? Perhaps not.

My favourite people of the night, all in one picture!
Image courtesy of Mariana Moyano

Perhaps it simply shows they really are a match made in heaven and that his blog must be absolutely my type. Another of my now favourite male fashion tweeple to join my personal top list made up of Anastasia and Duck, The Very Simon G, Prince Pelayo, Jim Chi, the designer David McGee and of course Bryanboy and Nik Thakkar, is Cillian from Male Mode. Cillian and Nik are awesome. I had some really nice chats with them about my upcoming male collection and they graciously agreed to be part of my 'focus group' in case I needed any advice to support Ciello Leirner in his endeavor.


Party like it's hot!

My friend Alex from AlexLoves was there in her amazing new dress that she had snapped up from My Sugarland recently, chatting wedged in between the new face of Motorola, our little star Frankie from SwellVintage and Kate from The Fabric of my Life. I also finally met Katie from The London Plinth, the stylist who found me and whom I have to thank for asking me to make the Royal Mail Stage Dress for Gabby Young, the lead singer of Gabby Young and Other Animals.

It's time to pose!
First two images courtesy of Mariana Moyano

Sitting at the table I got quite excited about meeting the doll face Natasha from Natasha Bailie who I waved at once I found out who she was (my god she is pretty!) yelling "NATASHA!!" like a relieved happy monkey (relieved because Maria was helping me put names to faces). Luckily, she seemed to know who I was (or at least pretended to), reducing any embarrassment that could have quite easily be bucketed over me. Another doll face of the evening was Jenny from The Style PA who I had only heard of through other people's tweets so far. I do have a thing for doll faces (much like I do for long legs) so I'm afraid I may have stared in their direction quite a bit.

Pretty Fashion Dreamer Rena

Not long after everyone was hungry enough to order more food than any amount of bloggers could possibly eat, my gorgeous friend Mariana, a writer for Sketchbook Magazine, with more rhythm in her little finger than Ricky Martin has in his whole body, showed up in a Lira Leirner dress which she borrowed - the Snowflakes Rose Dress (which is still available and a size 8- 12), paired with a black bust top underneath, black pearl studs and cream and black heels. I myself was wearing a Lira Leirner piece as well - the Leather and Silk Jumpsuit which was inspired by the five inch Japanese Silver leather and Patent platforms by Lanvin.

The Jester dress that diffused my argument

We made it out and continued our pursuit of blogger happiness at the Electricity Showrooms club, which involved a little and a big drama. The little drama was that Mariana and I lost the group and waited outside the club for a while before Alex's dress flashed through the night and guided us, the big drama being a crazy/ drunk guy throwing shots glasses in the air, scattering glass and cutting Natasha's beautiful shoulder!! Everyone let me pass to the front of the bar upon telling them what for and I quickly acquired a massive blue patch for her, but we made sure to leave those haunted grounds and moved onto a bar so full, I didn't even manage to get the name! All I remember is that it was located in Hoxton Square at the corner, had an upside down (face) bike, the film "one flew over the cuckoo's nest" projected onto the middle of the room with random , candles, sculptures and general colorful lights and awesomeness. I am so going back and I recommend it to anyone. If only I had paid attention to the bloody name!

Now everybody say "We are awesome and we know it"

We danced and chatted the night away. However, at around one in the morning I had to make my way home and after a painful two and a half hours I finally landed in bed. And slept. And slept. And slept some more. Fashion bloggers may be deemed by google to know social media better than anyone else, but you know what else they do better? PARTY!

Reflection in the ceiling... that's Cellian in the Mariner shirt!