Portmanteau Diary: I don't care about getting old *Cough*

My 25th birthday, a quarter of a century, the big one, the LL Portmanteau Blog launch... you may call it what you like - in the end it was mainly two tables of food (one sweet, one savory) and a new bar's worth of alcohol.

Throughout my life my birthday has usually been connected to some form of disappointment. No, it's not material at all. Being in the middle of the summer holidays my birthdays were, in the best case scenario, spent on holidays or with my family. In the worst case scenario I was at home and anybody I would have invited to a party was nowhere around.

Add to that the fact that I've lived in one number less houses than I am now old (I've finally caught up!) across countries and continents, my best friends usually weren't around either. This got worse during college - I went to an international school and of course everyone was scattered across the globe during summer. Either way, so far I was usually the only one whose birthday it was that weekend or week, which helped in some respect - knowing a Leo was rare, I probably met and called my friends about 5 all my life.

However, since I've entered the fashion world I have now counted 23 - that's right - 23 Leos. I could talk a lot about why I think this is but I'm sure it's pretty obvious and it does make sense. And to be honest, I'm sure I'm missing some and it's more than that. It's pretty insane, but what was even worse was the completely new and strange situation I found myself in: my friends are mainly based in the same city I live in now, they are no longer students meaning they are actually here because they are working -BUT - there were about 10 parties going on ON my birthday as it was a SATURDAY. So most people who would actually have come buggered off to other people's parties, including some rather close friends who I really would have liked at mine.

In order to try and avoid the usual birthday gloom I've decided to pretend it was also my blog launch as I had just re structured and revamped it. The only indication for that was the party favour - pretty cute, I think.

Needless to say I was pissed off before my birthday even tattered along and felt quite in the right to tell anybody who could have come but made up some excuse because they couldn't be bothered to travel 10 minutes or as I said buggered off to other parties asked "How was your birthday?" that "You would know if you had come". Clearly not a fair comment, I know. It's the birthday madness, I tell ya.

The bar - one of each

So you can imagine what this means. Even my own flatmates thought it would be appropriate to sneak off to another party and then come back completely drunk once everyone had left and hang out and eat the rest of the food and empty the alcohol that I had already packed up and put away for myself or future guests.

Food prepared and ready

To top it off, I truly felt old when I realised that I was now old enough to have to organiae my own party, buy people food and drinks (instead of being invited to some), even buy my own frigging candle and MAKE present instead of receiving any. And you wonder why I don't want to get old? I really missed my family in that instance but I was too busy stressing to get everything done to really dwell on it, which is good.

The brownie cupcakes!

To cut a long story short, it was not all doom and gloom. The 20 or so people who came were people I actually liked (there were also a few who simply lived close by). As per usual, my main enjoyment was derived from the work I did that day - the photo shoot of my next batch of six dresses and of course, the actual making and preparing of the food, drinks and party favourites. My sisters and brother in law were amazing - helpful, sweet and just there for me - being away from my family, they really helped cheer me up. An so did these lovely people and anyone else who came.

Gorgeous Mariana from Sketchbook Magazine in Jaeger, Sarah from SarahScribbles in a custom made Lira Leirner dress, and me in a Burberry silver layered dress and Lanvin heels.

Bert the designer from Yorkshire Pearl and the 18th century actor everyone knows, Markus Maverick

The Monday after I received some of the best presents I've ever gotten via post - of course from my family. Before that I had received a SINGLE present that wasn't from my family - well, two, if you count Fashion Foie Gras recommendation of my blog as one (which made me really happy!) The other present was a hand made, very comfortable pair of cream trousers by my dear friend Kat who has been there for me in the last few years through thick and thin. I was also given a cheese grater (I love cheese) in the form of a dress (um, I love dresses) by my sister in law - how very clever! My mum sent me a whole package worth of presents but I particularly like the bag - of course.

Awesomely stylish bag - it zips up really strangely, it's very funky.

And now for possibly my favourite present ever! I received it from my sister and it's a "small" collection of pictures of me over the years, carefully and lovingly selected and allocated to themes, including quite a few images I don't remember ever having seen!


"What were you thinking" and "headwear"

"Animals" and "crown"
Here's proof I had forgotten - I used to make dresses when I was ten and knit socks when I was seven. Crazy.
See you next year!