Portmanteau Diary: When local knowledge is surpassed by tourists - Greenwich Maritime

Despite the proximity of the place of birth and where she grew up, the actress and soprano singer Charlotte recently mentioned that she had never been to a particular space that I have been to as often as I've had overseas visitors. It's a must, not only because of the beautiful park, but because it makes you feel like you're at the centre of the world. Because it points out the powerful position Britain was in to decide upon something such as time and have the whole rest of the world go along with it.

So one lovely afternoon I took Charlotte where many tourists but few locals have gone - the Greenwich Maritime.

Yes, we all know this image gets taken several hundred times per day, but it doesn't diminish the beauty of the view by one bit! Charlotte said the view made her realize how big London is to which I said *cough* Sao Paulo *cough*. I mean, you can see the end of the city. Sao Paulo is like being in the middle of the sea on a boat, you can literally not see the end of it.

Charlotte is wearing a dress I had gifted her about a year ago, which I didn't make myself but is very "Lira Leirner" with its low V back and neckline as well as A-line skirt.

One of the oldest of its kind, this apparatus was as climbable as Tinguely's biggest pieces - in fact, the whole installation was built quite similarly with staircases and a little stool. But of course, with completely different aesthetics or function.
Image taken by and used from http://fabish-hutson.com/switzerland.html

Ahh, how often I've climbed on this... the Tinguely museum almost paralleels Greenwich Maritime's role when I lived in Basel - I've been there as often as I've had visitors from out of the country.

When standing in line is learned. And I can't believe white socks and black ballerinas are still absolutely part of their look. We also encountered a group of boys in the park who were being yelled at by, we assume, their teacher, saying things such as "DO NOT EAT GUM" or "TAKE YOUR HAAAANDS... OOOOOOUT OF YOUR POCKETS!!" He was on qite a power trip and made us realize how little we miss being in school.

Always look on the 'right side of life... No wait. The left side. We should have just stood on top of the line. Classic tourist pictures taken by other classic tourists, and the few hours away in the scorching sun and lovely company and many, many tourists made me feel like I was on holidays. For these few hours, at least.