Portmanteu diary: Teach a woman to net the work and work the net and she'll have plenty of fish

Restructuring already established sayings can be found across history and this one is particularly close to my own philosophy. Implied in the quote that Bono seems to not quite understand is that teaching instead of giving, working instead of taking is what really matters (usually). It was not that different an issue when I got invited to the Glam Network party to celebrate their office move.

They invited and encouraged networking, a word I heard a lot during the few hours I exchanged business cards for business badges, discussed fashion and snapped the big and mighty of the blogging world. Now, I have never been a fan of neither the word nor the concept but realized that I simply had to change my attitude towards the word, take it apart and re-jumble it in order to realize its true meaning and it became a word that represented several layers of success - as a blogger, at least. And the fisher does not go amiss here, either.

NETWORKING results into success on several levels

Work in Net - Working in internet language. That means whatever I do when I have a "real life", I remember to prepare myself to translate this into net- friendly language. As a blogger this means I take pictures and at least conscious mental notes on the event, situation or fashion piece at hand.

Netting the Work - Finding writing work just like a fisher grabs fish with a net. Work relates to material to write about on my blog and opportunities to write for others in equal measure. The smallest slip through and sometimes you find rubbish - but it is still a piece which helped you built your muscle. And every now and then you may find an antique or quirky piece to work with, which you wouldn't have if you'd been fishing with a rod, focusing on a single fish. However, the most important aspect is to get as much as you can - not greedily, but steadily and openly.

Work the net - Networking through social media and understanding your niche, blogging is not about competition - it is about interlinking. To do so organically, the aspect of this is to get online personas, namely people with an online presence no matter how small, to love your work (see above) and link to you. And vice versa, of course.

Networking - Last but not least, actually networking in real life. I simply ignore the negative implication of not becoming friends with people you talk about work with. That is mainly because in fashion, we love what we do, and it's not a business. When I'm talking to someone about their website, I am genuinely interested as a reader and contributor. I don't just want your card although I do love collecting them. And when I give you my business badge I give you a present - something you can wear, enjoy and engage with, not just a link.

To cut a long story short, equipped with my new view of the word, I happily joined the party and met some seriously wonderful people, including some friends, some new people and some faces to already known online personas whilst nibbling away on the mozzarella and tomato as well as the picking the strawberries from the cakes - I could always justify it by saying I was obeying Charlotte from Stylecartel's orders to "EAT EVERYTHING" in case anyone asked me.

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