Portmanteau Diary: My favourite shop TK Maxx joins terrible trio plan in center of London

TK Maxx is without a doubt my favourite real shopping store. I can safely say about a third of my wardrobe was purchased in said store as I live only a ten minutes walk from one of their drops and sometimes pools of heaven. This particular TK Maxx, however, is near Picadilly Circus and another of the big stores to join the fight to compete for bargain hunter's love affairs. It is rumoured that soon there is a Tesco clothing only store joining the triangle between TK Maxx, Primark and Tesco.

TK Maxx is my favourite, though. You can therefore imagine my happiness upon discovering their new flagship store in Charing Cross Street and faster than you can say "cheap designer stuff" I was off to attend the opening, happily wearing my new Yorkshire Pearl bracelet and a vintage khaki felt hat, around which my outfit was styled.
Once there I was entranced, for once, not by the clothes but by the beautiful and inspiring women. Seriously, that's a first in a TK Maxx. But then again, there aren't usually these particular women present!

Jenny fromThe Style PA looking pretty in vintage and a gorgeous blogger for TK Maxx who will hopefully be launching her own blog soon - I love her hair piece and her shoes! She's a lovely lady.
I do think we got the hint...:
The dancers were a bit surreal as they were dancing as if on their own in a bedroom. This particular one was gawped at a lot from outside and was photographed even more than those Original Books.
Frolicking in the bath department with Butters the Fashion Dog.
The Accessories Department became a hub of heated conversations and "Look who it is"'s including finally finding the nimble, ever into the dressing rooms disappearing Kristin Knox the Clothes Whisperer being photographed by Charlotte from Style Cartel and running into Fiona from Save Our Shoes. Kristin wrote an amazing post with great pictures -> mine are somewhat people heavy. Check it out here!
There were several additional sections in the store, which can usually not be found, such as the Gold Label section and this one, the As Seen On Stage clothing rack.
I was given a voucher with a lovely hand written thank you note and this is where I'll be spending it:
(Yes, that's a real Fendi...) So, if any of you are coming to my Lira Leirner birthday party and Portmanteau blog launch this Saturday, here's a hint as to what to give me as a birthday present:
Could this woman BE any prettier?!? To be said in true Chandler style. In fact, I'm taking the pictures I took of Emily from Fashion Foie Gras, who is also intelligent and sweet (some people just have it all, eh?) and showing them to my stylist, Karena from my New Best Friends for the next shoot as I have to put together a portfolio of women I want my models to looks like so she knows what to look for during casting. To cut a long story short, I may have a bit of a crush. She wrote about the event as well, have a look.
After the frolicking and superficial enjoyment of consumption and event'ing I joined those four power houses of fashion blogging for some great dialogues over Mexican food. I might be a bit giddy today but it's hard to get over just how gorgeous and amazing these women are. Just look at them! :)
Thank you girls and TK Maxx for a lovely evening!