Portmanteau Commentary: African Vogue issue has (not) disappeared

This is the American Vogue September Issue 2010 cover with Halle Berry looking radiant in her 20s swing short haircut. She is a woman of many firsts - She was the first black woman to receive an Oscar for a lead role and dedicated it to former African-American actresses that should have won an oscar Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne and Diahann Carroll among others. She is the first black woman to grace the September Issue of vogue since 1989, where Naomi Campbell was the first ever black woman to do so. Halle Berry is the first black celebrity to ever grace the front cover of the September Issue Vogue.

Some of you may remember that a few weeks ago, the option of an African Vogue was denied for reasons the fashion world has gossiped about endlessly, trying to think of what could possibly fathom an excuse big enough to deny such an influential region of the world in fashion the Vogue when it was presented to them on a platter of obviousness. Kristin Knox the clothes whisperer discusses this in her WhispeRant series article "No Vogue for Africa??" and outlines many points, which I don't have the authority to. Please read the article, the more people are aware of the unholy acts of his holiness, the more they might be persuaded to change their minds. As for Halle Berry, she look gorgeous, but is channeling Anna Wintour a bit too much with that haircut, maybe? Doesn't the fashion pope have enough say already? I may very well be reading too much into it, but slapping your own haircut onto your first african-american front cover celebrity after having just rejected the African Vogue? What is she trying to say? That she controls everything? We know that already. I cant help but feel offended, though. Maybe the soreness of the rejection is still with me like a slap in the face which doesn't disappear at an attempted stroking caress.

There are many people who have an issue with the labeling of African-American or black for Hale Berry - and Obama, in fact. They are of mixed race, as am I, and as are most of us if we look properly. I'm not going to get into this issue because it isn't the point. The point is, I am still sore about what happened and light of it, this choice makes a point, whether Halle Berry is mixed race or African- American or black.

Maybe Vogue doesn't deserve to embrace such an amazingly varied fashion culture if they are so close minded. But to, just then, decide to poke into the wound a little and go with Halle Berry on the front cover ... hmm... I have a feeling this is no coincidence. In case you wondered - I haven't forgiven you yet, Vogue.