What LL Wore: The Autumn Bee

Fighting autumn is pointless in the territory where the bullying weather reigns in order to lure you out with sun, only to surprise you with heavy dropped rain half way through your walk towards a given destination. Once you manage to happily ensure an umbrella has been thought to be brought along, it does not rain. In fact, the sky happens to turn blue. Surely, this is no longer teasing but a case to report to bullystoppers.com? In fact, I have not needed to use my umbrella ONCE this week. Every time I left when the sky was blue, the rain surprised me. And every time I brought an umbrella with me "just in case and because there are a few gray clouds" it served merely as a handy bulky item which we all love to carry around.

So since I cannot be at where summer's at
I surely shall try to be-at autumn
By bee-ing
The Autumn Bee

Brown patent Russel and Bromley brogues
Chocolate brown with cream stripes lined 15 year old velvet H&M skirt
Brown and orange striped mohair twopercent long turtleneck jumper pre-owned by Style Bubble purchased at Yard Sale for £1
Black ankle cotton socks
Calvin Klein tights
Brown orange lined vintage Aquascutum coat
Brown green check umbrella from a boutique
Brown Le Pliage Longchamp bag
Brown suede hat