What LL Wore: Breaking the cycle of see saw

After writing a heavily philosophical or thoughtful post I tend to go for some lighter outfit ones. the need for that balance is great in me, whether it be craving something salty immediately after having had something sweet and vice versa or needing to dress elegantly the day after a grunge day and, you guessed it - vice versa. I am much like the weather, I wished there was a medium but instead there's merely a see saw of opposites. I therefore decided to try and include a see saw within a single outfit to see whether that would break me free from the cycle and opted for a black leather dress, richly filling my nostrils with leather, and patent pink Longchamps with a Chanel - like pink and black knitted blazer.

Now - most of you out there who know me will probably not believe their eyes seeing that I am wearing pink. No, don't get your hopes up. I still don't like pink in most of its monstrous variations in existence. The lighter shade of red that is pink need not look like an exploded bubble gum, which is what I tend to say a cheap children clothing department looks like. It needs to either be strong, deep and vibrant in a fuchsia - almost a shade of purple rather than red, or so pale it could almost pass off as a nude color. There is also an optional fabulousness of bright neon which needs to be teamed up properly in a bid to be kittted for a trip to a Gay parade, but that's another story. Those are pink variations I can live with.

Black leather Vila Clothes dress
Calvin Klein tights
Pink patent Louboutin heels
Pink and black bow knitted Chanel like Primark cardigan
Black rubber Longchamp bag
Brown Aigner sunglasses
Black plastic bow headband
Black Yorkshire Pearl bracelet