Portmanteau Diary: Brighton on a G(r)ay day

The last time I went to a parade I was still a teenager who wore bright neon stretchmini skirts with sheer tops and platform boots. The Love Parade in Berlin was like having participated in a historical event, and being small did not bide well for any breathing needs until I jumped on one of the carriages and danced away up there in the mighty height.

It is now many years later and I have been invited to join my dear friends Sarah from Sarah Scribble an Mariana from Sketchbook Magazine to enjoy the Gay Pride Parade in Brighton.

Bearing witness to my parade naievety, I asked Mariana which heels she'll be wearing, prompting her to say: "Darling, I know making dresses is your thing but this is gay pride day... prepare for mud and bring flat shoes. Leave the Pradas. Besides, the spotlight will be robbed by tons of guys with massive boobs wearing feathers and 18 inch heels. One can't beat that."

She knows me well. I am wearing Prada (well, Miu Miu) and am also wearing Lira Leirner. However, I do think I am wearing appropriate gear... Hopefully.

Red Miu Miu pointed kitten heel wellies
Calvin Klein tights
Blue Zara jeans shorts
Red and white check customized Modern Toss "Buy more shit or we're all fucked" cotton shirt
Black roubd Proenza Shouler sunglasses
Red cotton Old Navy jacket
Yellow kid leather Stuart Bannocks badge
Black Yorkshire Pearl bracelet
Red Le Pliage Longchamp 1990 bag
Red rubber script necklace from a Brazilian designer boutique

And in the bag, just in case, I ticked these necessities:
- An extra red and white striped navy Bona shirt in case I get wet/ sweaty
- A red and white striped cashmere Royal Cashmere jumper in case I get cold
- A red lambswool Enrico Coveri scarf for the way home when it gets even colder
- A case for the Yorkshire Pearl bracelet in case I deem in too wild/ dangerous to be wearing it
- Hand wipes to stay clean after eating outside, which will inevitably happen, I'm sure
- Some funky 2010 sunglasses

All kitted out I am now on my way to bright Brighton but lo and behold, there are black clouds on the horizon. Begone, clouds!! If only weather wishes came true...

I met a funky couple on the train who fell in love with my Proenza Shouler sunglasses. And believe it or not, the guy cited my favourite movie as a reason!

What he had actually done was point out something that should have been very clear to me but wasn't. Ha pointed out that the liking of those big round glasses came from one of my favourite movies of all time starring two of my favourite actors (Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman), which I watched when I was about her age in the film. No wonder I love these sunglasses, the mind feeds the brain with nostalgia in mysterious ways.
Natalie Portman in Leon the Professional, with Jean Reno wearing the coveted sunglasses
Did anyone else just notice that Natalie Portman's name is included in my blog name? Hmm weird coincidence.

You can always see a happy Portmanteau when there's ice cream and sea in abundance, no matter how gray the clouds.

Twitter before lunch - the waitress hated me. As many of them do, and I don't blame them. Even Mariana was shocked at my picky eating habits. Apologies. And then we were off to explore Brighton and its quirky corners, filled with seaside theme, amusement and sexual innuendos.

Totally looks like London except from the steep and winding roads
I'm not sure you could find a road name like that anywhere else except maybe Las Vagas - and even there it wouldn't be represented in such a wholesome, suburban and antique way.
What a beautiful sign. It does have the word "balls" in it, excuse my dirty mind. I am in Brighton after all
This is the kind of merchandise you come across. I would have been traumatized as a child if that's what I could find in every corner shop when being sent out to get some milk...
Hotel and Restaurant opportunity
The gray seaside

Rocking it! And spending unnecessary wea£th along the way
Thank you for a great day, Mariana! England must be the only place in the world where a parade starts in the morning and finishes before lunch (aka tea) time.