Portmanteau Diary: Jaeger Pop Up Shop on Carnaby Street

A few weeks ago I was invited to take part in a styling competition to embody the "spirit" of Jaeger's quirky, stylish and young-elegant pop up shop on Carnaby street filled with illustrations enhancing the experience of the clothes themselves. However, as the lovely Amy discovered upon a quick call on my phone, I was too ill to leave the bed and am sad to say I didn't get to participate. However, I was well and up enough to come and witness the announcement of the winner of the competition as well as having followed the gradual increase of likes and comments on the Jaeger facebook page.

Personally my favourite looks - images taken from Jaeger facebook page

There were two competitions, essentially - one, which was decided by the public or those with the most readers / followers / friends as well as best skill to market and distribute such information through the arrears of Social Media, as such competitions work, and one based solely on the decision of the curator of Jaeger's pop up shop, a dashingly arrogant (in a good way) and tall James Bondesque figure, a mix of Clive Owen and Daniel Craig who reminded me of someone else in fashion I had met resulting in a mildly embarrassing situation where I talked to him about something he couldn't possibly have known.

More of my favourite looks - images taken from Jaeger facebook page
The boutique was packed with London fashion bloggerati - it was so warm, that many ended up squatting outside the boutique. Must have been quite a sight seeing fashionistas sitting upon Longchamp bags on the floor. I know this because several tourists snapped the scene up and bemused of the antics of London life in the square central mile of fashion. Cupcakes were served and even apple and pear juice! Finally something I can drink - I usually have to nibble on chocolate which appears from my bag only to disappear in a flash into my mouth where it's silently indulged until it makes its way to work its druggy wonders all the while not offending any hosts with non-vegetarian fish 'n chip or mini burgers on lovely wholemeal bred. Plenty of popping corks were to be heard, a sound that lightens up the bloggerati's face possibly to almost the same level as a gorgeous velvet jumpsuits or deeply purple, perfectly mixed cape that I encountered and broke off a tiny piece of my heart for to leave behind.

We are winners and we get to stand next to Clive Owen/ Daniel Craig. MAKE LEMONADE and MY NEW BEST FRIENDS

"Where is Miss Jacqueline?" There's also Mr Thom TickleMouse tickling his own nose in his amazing hat

Always puts a smile on my face, Emily from Fashion Foie Gras and me snapping each other (picture of me taken from her blog x)

Hangin' outside - check out my Yorkshire Pearl bracelet and the designer leashing Miss Butters with Emma from London a la Mode

Organizers, Models, Fish 'n Chips PR's and Photographers

"Lira, I think we found you something!" whispers Kristin of the Clothes Whisperer (loudly). Oh, and my heart was broken, I had to leave the pieces behind

Kristin rocking the sheer blouse look to perfection and an impressive display of thin curvyness. Reminds me of the girl drawn to an extreme all over the walls of the boutique. Quite a remarkable resemblance.

Charlotte from Style Cartel always working, and Emma decked in Yorkshire Pearl

Are you swooning over Freak De Luxe's legs? Uh, yeah me neither.

I wish I could sit with grace like that... Amy's lips looking as luscious as her dress, what a gorgeous picture of two gorgeous blondes

"Aww isn't she the cutest?" "Yeah I am!" - "Pose for me, ladies!"

Jaeger display and drawings of thin curvy girls I was referring to earlier. And cheeky cats, of course.
A picture of diva Lira Leirner the Portmanteau take by the official photographer of the evening and from the Jaeger facebook page