Portmanteau List: Lira Leirner is looking for a male model, too

Right, this is the REALLY difficult part. I might be picky in general but males are just not really very appealing... um... in general. I can't even think of any celebrity males I find particularly goodlooking so I'm going to have to skip that part. But dammit, I need to try. I prefer long hair. Let me rephrase that - if a guy doesn't have long hair, they immediately fall out of my radar. So let's call that a requirement. These three are good. And I know I'm presenting them to you on a blatter (blogger platter portmanteau) but it took me hours of wafting through tons of images of male models to find them.

Cartwright Lee from Storm

Jonah from M+P Models

Rory from Nevs Model Agency

After all this I also remembered two male actors whose look I like, contrary to the position I had at the beginning of this process:

John Robinson from Gus Van Sant's "Elephant"

Jean Baptiste Maunier on this very specific picture, which I usually hear accompanied by this (only listen, I don't like his hair in this obviously - sorry mate)

I'll be happy to hear of any contributions and suggestion you may have if you believe you've found an image, a person or even a model that might want to get involved with representing Lira Leirner and captures what I am looking for. The shoot is to take place in November and the style will aim to look similar to this image in terms of the photographic direction - mysterious glossiness with a natural beauty and strong expressions.