Portmanteau List: Lira Leirner is looking for a model

In lieu of finding models that represent what I am looking for with my fashion label I have started collecting images in order to have something to work with for my first big campaign. As you can see, Natalie Portman is my favourite. She has that smoldering but not overtly sexy look, is strong yet fragile, feminine but not overtly girly, caring, elegant, natural yet glamorous.

Emily Blunt and Liv Tylor are very much representative of the soft yet strong look that I like as well, and the other girls capture an essence of what I look for in the respective images. Please note there is a reason I chose those specific images and not others - they don't always look the same, none of us do, yet this is what I am looking for. That is why I have chosen to include images rather than just name certain people. This doesn't apply to the images of my friends as they are always beautiful (I'm lucky, I guess) and doesn't apply to Natalie Portman either - she nails it in pretty much every picture I've ever seen of her. I haven't written down the names after every picture because I know you all know who they are.

For this specific look I am also lucky enough to know some women personally who capture what I am looking for.

Emily from Fashion Foie Gras, Julie my friend from Munich

Kristin from The Clothes Whisperer

I have also sourced some images of models could work that are in a closer vicinity, namely some London based model agencies. The following images are all sourced form their respective websites.

Alona from from Sapphires Model Management

Bruna from Premier Model Management

Fernanda from Premier Model Management (uh, you wanna bet she's Brazilian?)

Lauren Elise from Nevs Model Agency

Zara Young from Nevs Model Agency

I'll be happy to hear of any contributions and suggestion you may have if you believe you've found an image, a person or even a model that might want to get involved with representing Lira Leirner and captures what I am looking for. The shoot is to take place in November and the style will aim to look similar to this image in terms of the photographic direction - mysterious glossiness with a natural beauty and strong expressions.

Disclaimer: This is a very picture heavy post which I have sourced from google under the name of the respective actresses and models and I was therefore not able to link up each one. If you see your image up here please let me know and I shall link it up. Thank you