What LL Wore: Penguins are Yellow, did you know?

A while ago I encountered an exciting website that is about to launch next month. Young British Designers will be focusing on showcasing, stocking and "putting on the world stage brilliant British designers" fresh from their first collection. Their motto is "You'll see it here first!"

Relentlessly working pre-launch, they also had a giveaway - a scarf by Charlotte Tailor and many, many jumped on the band wagon to post their earliest fashion memory. My contributions was:

"It was my seventh birthday and the pianist Maria Joao Pires dedicated her concert to me as a birthday present in the concert hall of the State Museum of Felicia Leirner (my great-great aunt). My overjoyed reaction was that of falling asleep. There was a picture of me wearing a navy blue velvet dress, asleep in my mother’s arms in the national newspapers the following day entitled “Born with a silver spoon in her mouth”. I told my sister “Wow, this dress makes me look like I’m about nine!” – That was the first time it hit me that fashion makes a difference."

I waited in anticipation and after confirming that I was JUST next in line she requested my address and I received the scarf....

The beautiful, yellow penguin on deep light blue silk double sided scarf. Now, both with yellow and light blue I am quite uptight. A lot of yellows around are either too mustard-y, washed out or plain off - and light blue often falls into the danger of becoming baby blue. However, thus was not so with this beautiful scarf.

I couldn't wait to wear it and styled my outfit around it when I went into town to meet up with my friends and pop into the Benetton opening (read whole article).

Lira Leirner the Portmanteau is wearing:

Yellow moc croc leather Zara gladiator sandals
Blue silk Topshop jumpsuit
Yellow hand knitted vest by my grandmother with my first name LI on it
Yellow Blue scarf by Charlotte Tailor
Blue and black hat from an Italian boutique
Black Yorkshire pearl bracelet
Black Rubber Le Pliage Longchamp bag
Black vintage real goat fur and leather coat
Black biker Alessandro Dell'Acqua sunglasses