What LL Wore: Reclaiming fashion from the Lords of Germ

I was miserable this morning, and my outfit was equally devoted to the miserability including mismatched socks, Brazilian Capoeira tracksuit bottoms (that's right - ME!) and a massive gray Kenar jacket, a knitted hat and cuddly cashmere scarf. I truly felt I had surrendered my fashion sense to the lords of germ (to most parts) until I dragged my lazy body to the fridge and noticed I had no food. Faced with the dread of having to venture outside in this first of many cold, rainy London days, there was only one thing I could do... Fight the germs with a full frontal attack on their fashion sense stealing antics! Here's what happened, I hope you agree I've reclaimed my fashion sense.

Brown Hugo Boss leather boots
Brown, blue, caramel checked Asquascutum jeans
Brown Zara turtleneck cotton jumper
Brown vintage Pringle cashmere cardigan
Brown vintage real fox fur "neck warmer"
Brown vintage leather jacket from a second hand store in Toronto
Brown Le Pliage Longchamp bag (for food)
Brown Aigner sunglasses
Cream vintage fur and satin silk lined Herbert Johnston hat
Black Yorkshire Pearl bracelet
Cream pearl earrings
Penhaligons Elisabethan Rose parfum