Portmanteau List: Welcome to the Accesserobe of the Portmanteau

Following my bid to create an online portfolio of my wardrobe for when I'm away so that I have somewhere to go when I miss it too much, I am looking at my "accesserobe" today although they don't include my proper hats. It starts with some of my sunglasses, I couldn't find all of them as they're still scattered throughout the house - I am always wearing them. Here you can see Aigner mainly, Nicole Farhi, Alessandro Dell'Acqua, Proenza Shouler, Calvin Klein, Cynthia Rowley, and a pair I love that I found in a pound shop.

It moves down to my silk scarves, first the chiffon long ones including Charlotte Taylor, Valentino, Kookai, Moschino, French Connection, and some vintage pieces then the square small ones including several Givenchy, several Moschino, the first silk scarf I owned when I swiftly wandered from my mum's closet into mine, the Christian Dior navy blue big square scarf, DKNY, several Oscar de la Renta, a few pieces from museum shops and the classic, 20 year old lumberjack squares. In between you can see some of my headbands of which I own a lot more that are also scattered across the house... I must take an hour out tomorrow just to find and collect them back to their original place, I think.

One down it starts with thick lambswool scarves by Enrico Coveri and goes onto check thinner and longer lambswool scarves then onto cashmere scarves, my favourites. Some dark knitted scarves including the brown Lira Leirner scarf, right next to my lovely gloves. I love gloves, my hands get cold quickly and I wear gloves until late into spring and start wearing them again late summer (it's London, after all). They are mainly nappa leather lined with cashmere, the only way to keep me warm really - a navy blue, a brown one, a beige one, a red one, a cream one and several black ones. I also have a pair of black biker gloves I love more than any - and some woolen ones although mittens make me nervous - I like knowing I can stretch my fingers out. One of my ticks, I guess. It moves onto my hats, mainly berets in every color and hand knitted hats by me and my great grandmother (who is still alive).

The shelf down has several layers (most of them invisible) of bigger scarves and pashminas, mainly silk or cashmere but some cotton as well - witness to my hippie years during high school. The level below is one of my favourites, that's where my fur and feather collars and hats are stored. It moves over some of my left over shoe boxes entailing fabric belts for dresses so they are all in one place (you may have noticed the rest of my stuff is in Prada and Miu Miu boxes as they are the ones I have most and are biggest/ sturdiest) and don't get lost on the floor of the wardrobe and wallets and clutches to my belts including Valentino and Next but most are vintage because I am not a big fan of the mid-riff belt that is common today - my mid-riff isn't long enough to pull that off and often disappears underneath, uh, two specific things.