Portmanteau List: Welcome to my Shoedrobe

I am traveling to Brazil soon, for almost a month. I'm looking forward to it, but will not only miss the constant access to wireless internet, usage of my iPhone, M&S food, hugs from Stu and general freedom to do as I please, I will also miss my wardrobe. Probably most of all. Usually when I pack I chose a color and take the basics for that specific color. This only works in theory or when I am away for a weekend. Any kind of voyage that closes in on a week or goes beyond, requires me to choose several colors and 'do' the respective basics - for instance, last year I went to Israel for 10 days. These were the BASICS I chose to take with me (only the basics, I'm pointing out once more). The basics are:
Cardigan (Silk or Cashmere)
Scarf (Silk or Lambswool)
Sunglasses (Mainly Aigner in this case)
Longchamp bag
Pump flats
Flip Flops
And for some of them a belt and brogues

Now, I am going for almost a month, which requires a lot more planning than this. I mean, this part above is a given, except I've got nicer shoes now and will most likely replace orange with gray. But I also need to decide upon key items for three completely separate categories:

1. Family lunch and dinner outfits, which can couple up as outfits for general functions and inside activities such as mall shopping or anything else done in the safety of a car - aka demure dresses, not extravagant but classic heels, maybe a cardigan and bags for presents I bring (aka my Longchamps) and for when I am working, which will most likely be in a Starbucks, the only place I can imagine has wireless internet. In Brazil it is customary to bring a present when you visit someone.

2. Functions, dinners and gallery openings. Speaks for itself - needs sparkling dresses (I don't mean literally, just figuratively), gorgeous heels, clutch and elegant evening jackets

3. Clothes to work the street. Key here is to blend in, which I believe will be almost impossible considering I'm about as white as a ghost to their standard. I can get a very lovely tan and look a lot more passable then, but the work this summer has kept me inside and I am as close to an English Rose as I ever will be. I don't have high hopes, but I can at least try. Need to stay away from anything too "cool", which will make me stand out immediately as European aka no lumberjack cool with a shirt and jeans or a belt or vest thrown over to layer up a look. This will need to be (long) jeans, a white T-shirt (yes, those plain ones with some motive on them) and usually trainers, but I'm not doing that. I'm going to use Havaianas, which is just as passable. Not looking forward to this part, but should only take up the room of four pieces.

4. Holiday get-away sporty situations. That means summery dresses with elegant pumps or sandals, lovely hats, bikinis and "panos", the beach scarf/ pashmina one wears in Brazil.

So far in my life I have done this pack almost intuitively (aka bring all my favourite stuff on top of the basics), and the results were merely "OK". I could make most of my stuff work, but this time I want to be systematic so that I can find space for all the bargains I will find to bring back!

In order to do so, I will document my wardrobe (also so I can look back at my articles and stroke the screen when I am suffering withdrawal symptoms).

Today, I am starting with shoes. I herewith welcome you to my shoedrobe (portmanteau alert!).

It starts with a Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs collection of red shoes, then moves over across the window to the tan shoes Rupert Sanderson, Jane Shilton, and Dune above the soft colored Miu Miu, Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik, below it the cream selection of Jimmy Choo, Arezzo and Diesel.

It moves into suede then patent leather chocolate brown Prada, Gucci, LK Bennett and Next above gray Lanvin, Prada and Zara above cream and black Miu Miu, Anne Michelle and Corezzo. Then on to a dark, hard to recognize corner with black Miu Miu, Buffalo, and Karen Millen above the yellow and peach moc croc Zara and Buffalo heels above four pairs of dark blue heels. Moves into khaki Zara and Miu Miu heels above purple Jimmy Choo and Kurt Geiger. Moving onto the next shoedrobe there are dark brown Hugo Boss and Karen Millen boots to black Versace heeled boots and second hand boots above six layers of flats ranging from Miu Miu to Tommy Hilfinger to Arezzo to Gina to Roland Cartier.

Moving to the next the lower shelf has black Fendi and Zara boots, silver Marc Jacobs boots and second hand moc cowboy boots, under a shelf of ankle boots by Chanel, Calvin Klein, Gardenia, and Luxury Rebel. Above it Miu Miu wellies next to tie up brogues Shapman & Moore from Bond Street, Russel and Bromley and German brand Kink. It continues with three other heels, some All Stars and four trainers from Nike, Diesel and Addidas and lastly more wellies, second hand suede faux fur lined camel boots and Nike snow boots.

There's also another shelf with a heap of shoes I am trying to sell on eBay, which I haven't included, but my selection once it comes to actually packing will be as outlined above. One of each type for each color. Simples!