Portmanteau List: Where woodland creatures meet fashion

Unlike my fellow bloggerati friends, I had not been able to make my way to the Wolf and Badger opening I was invited to a while back based on the stupidity of being a dress (and therefore summer) obsessed fashionista who will not acknowledge that summer is over until my garden turns into a pool of frosted brown leaves and my legs turn blue. As a result I found myself in close proximity with my bed and cursed the dress between sneezes and sobs.

Anywhoo, today I have finally managed to find myself an afternoon where I had errands to run in the claustrophobic vicinity of Bond Street, allowing me to catch five flies with one trip, two of which were located within the halls of yellow. I was extremely curious as to what Wolf and Badger was truly about as I had mainly been shown images of people who attended ranging from rich ladies full of botox to my gorgeous friends - informative stuff, but not really anything that gave me a proper insight to the shop itself. I had also been a grateful subject of Wolf and Badger's twittention (portmanteau: twitter attention) including sending me get better cheer up images and tweets and #ff me as a favourite blogger. It is probably quite an understatement to say that being interesting to the brains behind a project and concept I truly identify myself with and would love to be involved in with my own designs is beyond flattering.

Most of the Portmanteau's readers are writers in one form or another, so I am going to have to explain this differently. Do you ever read a post and think "This is brilliant" but also "Damn, this is so good I wish I had written this"? Well, that's how I felt about, for instance, the white coat as you may witness and admire in the images below.

"ENVY" is surely applicable here, although probably not in the consumerist sense Selfridges is most likely trying to imply.

With pop - up shops popping up a plenty, as the name implies, the London fashion scene has been witness to a lovely dose of quirky experimentation that allows the commercialism of brands to be surpassed a little to allow for alternative return on investments. I am therefore a big fan of pop up shops and believe that the true creative spirit behind a conglomerate or commercial designer house comes through.
Although I love attending events and meeting and snapping fashionistas, fashionistos and PR's in their element, it was quite soothing to be able to have a look at the much celebrated place on its own. No muss, no fuss, no claustrophobia. And no queues to play with the interactive installation where your blowing is what impacts how much the swallows on the screen overhead would be blown across the screen.
I conclude with the stating of the fact that if you thought Wolf and Badger was awesome, quirky and cool, I think we've seen nothing yet and will be looking forward to everything they get involved with. I may not be signing up to Louis Vuitton or Benetton press releases, but I will be signing up to theirs. That's how awesome they are.