Portmanteau Commentary: Lanvin, Zara and H and M, OH MY

The High Street has been a jungle of joyful news today.

There's Lanvin, who I have mixed feelings about. On one hand their creative director is the guy who thinks the ONLY thing women care about all over the world is being thin (The Real Runway). This still bugs me but on the other hand Lanvin is the brand that has brought me these shoes as you may witness on my feet on the right to this text. However much I appreciate his clothes, seeing that smug snob saying "We're not going public. H & M is going luxury." didn't go down too well. Even if it's true, saying it with a smug little smile and a bow tie doesn't make it better.

Is it just me or is that offensive on many levels? These are the things I read into this statement: 1. H & M is not luxury (we know that, but bare with me) 2. Lanvin is not for the public 3. Lanvin is not lowering itself to the public 3. Lanvin doesn't care about making it more affordable 4. Lanvin is gracefully "helping" a brand become less public 5. All other collaborations such as Jimmy Choo were lowering themselves by going public 6. It's not "dress for lees", so does this mean the prices will be high? 6. Being "public" is bad 7. Being "public" is lowering your brand

Seriously. I could go on. But judge for yourself. In the end of the day, I know where I'll be come rain or shine, on the day of the launch. Right there, holding the hand and force feeding the tiger and bear (that is the tiger's sidekick H&M) with his delusional "it's not for the public". I am curious to see what all these implications mean and whether I will actually like their collaboration. I will make sure to let you know.

In other news much more joyful to my love for online shopping habits and Zara, they have finally launched their online shop! Oh hooray and joy! The Lion, the one that is secretely scared of the jungle, has launched a head front attack and will hopefully be as welcomed in our arms as Dorothy's. I know I myself will enjoy my freelance breaks on said page. I remember a while ago trying to go to a Zara online shop and landing on their "Home shop" full of bed sheets and other such tingle and tangle that I wasn't interested in. I do think that even us fashionistas can be "understood" based on which their favourite high street store is. My style, if generalizing, can be classified, I think at least currently, as "Edgy Chic", for which Zara is perfect for to get the basics, at least. To cut a long story short, get you butt over to the new online Zara store!