Portmanteau Diary: My last few weeks in Twit pics

This last week, as you may have noticed, I was virtually absent from this blog. There were the two announcements - "Lira Leirner introduces new collections" and "Lira Leirner Pop up shop during London Fashion Week" but that was about it.

This was mainly due to the fact that this week saw me extend my usual 20 hour days onto 48 to even 74 hour "days" at one time. I created twenty pieces to make four new collections, completely restructured my website to offer 22 options of shops which I had to create individually as my CMS is still Dreamweaver, painstakingly photoshopped over a hundred images, organized and had the photo shoot with the fabulous photographer Terence the Fashionographer and prepared the pop up shop.

I do have some catching up to do but until then here's my last few weeks in twitpic or iPhone pics, whichever you prefer.

Gabby Young comes to pick up her Lira Leirner stage dress
Wearing the Charlotte Taylor scarf I won in the Young British Designer competition
Amazingly simple yet effective marketing strategy
Observing my muses in their habitat (Clothes Whisperer and Fashion Foie Gras)

And the master in his (Fashionographer)
An amazing little park in the middle of London
Yummy lunch in John Lewis top floor with my Yorkshire Pearl before the Benetton store launch
Charlotte's earliest fashion memory - the pink Chanel Jacket
Lira Leirner signature sleeve teardrop pleats
Detalling, lined in crinkled embroidery satin

Autumn Leaves collection
Wearing Karl Lagerfeld boyfriend jeans reduced from £160 to £17
Leather skinny tie with Crossword puzzle detailing and custom Lira Leirner box
Lira Leirner box and leather tie alongside
Terence happy with his Lira Leirner tie (although not apparent here haha)
Terence modeling the Lira Leirner men's shirt (and loving it, incidentally)
Skinny Terence modeling the Lemon on Salmon leather shorts!
Trying to pack for London Fashion Week pop up shop. Need another suitcase.
Exciting first print of limited edition Danielle Andrews drawings
Pop up front a la fete style
Complete set up
Lovely couple enjoying the draw your dream dress activity with Danielle Andrews templates
I Want You to Know and Fashion Day Dreams scouting the Lira Leirner rack
Alex in ever amazing outfit
Mariana in her own winning Charlotte Taylor scarf
Aiden and Jemma
My one and only helper. I heart Lola
Yummy sherling
Oh sheeeeerling
Best sherling combo EVER
I am so on board with this shirt. The guy was lovely, too.
One of the dresses I sold (to this lady)
Wearing the outfit I'd tried/ decided on to land in as I forgot to get changed
The QR code dress finally, finally ready after ca. 50 hours of work
Butters the Fashion Dog in Lira Leirner Chanel jacket
The Clothes Whisperer in her first custom made Lira Leirner dress
And it fits like a dream - Butters, Baby Whisperer and Fashion Foie Gras like!