Portmanteau List: Rochas, come over here and sit by me

The last few weeks, as most of you know, have been awashed under fashion weeks across the fashion capitals of the world. NYFW was spent in delirious preparation for LFW, LFW was spent in my own pop up shop or on the plane to Brazil and MFW as well as PFW was witnessed vicariously through blogger friends, online fashion magazines, visual scrapbooks and live streamings. Sometimes, especially when working on my own collection and putting down the blogger hat which sort of drops down the side, just hanging off my hairdo whilst my designer hat firmly sits on top, girlfriend needs a helping hand.

You know those theater pieces, films and such, that are meant to be comedies but can get your mouth to curl at most? It doesn't mean you don't enjoy them, but you're not pissing yourself either.

That's how I have felt about most of the collections that have been shared with my second hand eyes. Some gorgeous pieces, many classic and clean lines just how I like them (hint hint). However, whilst following another of the daily updates by The Clothes Whisperer my heart stopped only to catch up again at double speed. The equivalent of actually peeing yourself with laughter.

And since girlfriend was not able to attend said collection, which is good as I may have created a scene trying to steal it, girlfriend is in need of other girlfriends to borrow some visuals to support my musings. Voila, here's a piece of my heart, images courtesy of Kristin Knox who did all the work to share with me (*cough* and the zillion other readers *cough*) that piece of genius. Oh, and by the way, Rochas can sit by me for as long as they like.

Perfection. The color, the hem, the volume, the length... *sigh*

I like the way you move!

Ouch my heart.