Portmanteau Diary: 29th Bienale Sao Paulo 2010

Black vintage felt hat
Black bandeaux dress
Caramel satin Burberry blazer
Caramel patent Miu Miu pumps
Black Proenza Shouler sunglasses
Black Yorkshire Pearl bracelet
Brown check Lira Leirner bracelet
Black rubber Longchamp bag

The Sao Paulo Bienale is the second oldest Bienale in the world and takes place every two years. I vaguely remember attending several when I was younger and was happy that my visit in Brazil coincided with the Bienale. The exhibition spread over three massive floors and the quality of the work exposed was equally as varied. While some was barely worth mentioning, there were pieces that were extremely provocative, beautiful, questioning... I didn't feel there was much coherency visible apart from the separation between amazing work with a beautiful finish with "not-so-well-made" pieces, which is a bit strange. I went with my sister and my old friend Andre (who is an actor)... my camera broke, so most of the following images were taken by my sister.

One of the strangest pieces was the whole wall of drawn self portraits of the artist murdering a range of political figures at gunpoint or with a knife. It was so controversial that they took it down, which created even more controversy resulting in the series becoming one of the most prominent pieces of the entire exhibition.
This was my favourite installation of the whole Bienale. Made from local leftover scraps and wood, which is typically what favelas and slums are made of, the artist created a beautiful construct of two levels of tunnels and mountains through which you could walk and marvel.

Sheets of thickly and loosely woven material in complimenting colors provided a very interesting pattern with which to explore colors and interaction.