Portmanteau Diary: Johnny Blue Eyes the new generation of stylists

After a quick hot chocolate at Starbucks with Kristin of the Clothes Whisperer for whom I was standing in to hear her friend Johnny Blue Eyes talk in front of an intimate group of fashion students and fashion photographer extroidinaire, none other than Mr Fashionographer, I darted off to American InterContinental University London, which had me find my way through the backstreets of Oxford Circus and Bond Street - somewhere I hadn't been before, delighting the explorer in me.
I waited at the entrance with two other bloggers to be escorted to the talk, which was already in full swing.

Definitely a fan, she wouldn't stop talking...
My favourite outfit of the day - look at the shoes!
I got to meet the lovely Sophie Eggleton, about whom I had read when she was a guest blogger on Clothes Whisperer's blog and had a healthy respect for... not often encountered within the walls of my brain, but she was truly lovely.

I managed to capture some minutes of the lecture before my camera died, enjoy! I only just added this as I uncovered it from long lost thought files on my hard drive...

Thank you to Kristen of The Clothes Whisperer, Laura and Johnny Blue Eyes for letting me be present at the inspiring lecture!