Portmanteau Diary: Shoes, Chocolate and Rock n' Roll

Remember that classic bonding game where you ask "What would you rather do..." and the better you know the person, the meaner the choices are? Well, if someone made me choose between anything and shoes, the answer would be quite easy. In fact, my fashion motto should get changed to that consession of words I cheekily placed in the title. And I'm sure many of you agree, are quite easily given the same weight to a fashionista as the original Drugs, Sex and Rock 'n Roll. In fact, that's exactly what it is. Shoes are drugs, chocolate sex and Rock 'n Roll just keeps on rolling.

Oops. A trunk full of new drugs. (image by Lua L.)
More than a square mile of neatly organised leather heaven.

The salesman was hard pressed to not wince at the mess I created in the immaculate store, to not follow his itch to immediately pick up the pairs and neatly line them into their place and to make sure the choices were there in front of my hungry eyes. (image by Lua L.)
"We don't sell drugs to school children" More for me, then. Check out the glassy eyes... (image by Lua L.)
Such a cute display...
In all colors of the rainbow... I'm not hallucinating.
Shoes in the restaurant bathroom? Sure. Wherever a hit is needed...

The aftermath of shoe heaven coupled with the portmanteau on an unlimited costings spree...