Portmanteau Diary: Amelias Compendium of Fashion Illustration Launch Party

Images say more than a thousand words, and visual memories infinitely more than the words extracted from a humming head. Hence the word poor, picture rich post - the only words you should be reading are those in the book whose launch party these pictures depict and which you can get here: Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration
Thank you for a wonderful evening!
Sally Mumby-Croft photographing the books
Bees Knees
I love me a little backless dress on Emma Block
Jewelery designer Maxine Johnston of Little Miss Delicious
Dee Andrews my one and only illustrator and Antonia in red and green
Fuyume, Koral Webb, Nikki Lau the blogger trio
Louise Durgate the knitwear designer
The Real Runway - we go waaay back, but most of it is blurry ;)
Fashion blogger of Sarah Scribbles and Dee Andrews
The Tatty Devine ladies!
Beautiful red head Koral Webb
Forward PR having fun at the bar - ohh, that rhymes!
Hannah of Seeds & Stitches
Illustrators Erica Sharp and Zarina Liew
The one and only Amelia herself with the lead singer of 6 Day Riot
Couldn't leave without a picture with the star!
Two girls from 'up north', the loveliest par you can imagine!
Bug shirt, very Old Boy
Matt's official face ;)
Forward PR now know my face and I know theirs
Reverse Oreo... can I say that?
p.s. Please help me out with links and names for the ones I've missed!