What LL Wore: Burberry ripped off my antique! And it sure makes me proud

A few days ago, whilst enjoying the rainy British fashion of Burberry Prorsum and their luscious coats, my heart stopped at one point and I cried out "THAT'S MY COAT!" While one is accustomed to hearing such utterances slipping the eatery of fashionistas, this was actually a fact. Remember that scene in Friends in which Phoebie yells "They ripped off our antique!"... I felt a bit like that. Except, obviously, I wasn't being deceived by an actual Burberry coat.

The oversized double breasted patchwork mink fur caban coat with thick leather binding on seams, pocket flaps and collar and two front flap pockets was almost identical to the vintage black fur coat I own. Apart from the double breasted butttons and the buttons themselves, obviously I was essentially looking at my beloved coat that has kept me warm these past months. If at all possible, I am now wearing my vintage real fur "£7995 Burberry oversized leather bound patchwork mink carban jacket - inspiration source" with even more pride filling my lungs... or wherever pride is stored.