Portmanteau List: Dolce and Gabbana Winter 2012 Menswear

With a hint from the Clothes Whisperer, I once again was an attendee of my favourite kind of fashion show - the live stream.

The backstage frame with the distracting crown tattoo of the backstage hands-on, for instance, is not something one would have witnessed in the reality of presence.
After the essential first run of perfectly tailored suits came the first flash of red which ran through the line like through Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List.
Underwear models, tough and polished.
I was loving the quirky updated 50s shaggy gentleman's look, especially with the narrow point collar in fine check and leather suspenders.
Here comes the underwear. Yes, that's what I'm looking at.
What follows is a suit that takes David Lynch in one hand and Chris de Burgh in the other, then smashes them together to create, lo and behold, the "Gentleman in Red Velvet".
Hues of maroon and red with gray and black throughout, especially in thick stripes.
A hint of skater culture seems to have been incorporated in the impression of stripe separation, allowing for a lighter hue below the torso to appear, at first glance, like exposed skater underwear. Not sure about fit around the crotch area, though.
My absolute favourite look of the collection: the shade and shape of the trousers are immaculate, a perfect balance of fitted looseness of this particular fabric in conjunction with the tight shirt and suspenders and of course the boots.
Waiting on the staircase for their turn, the models get a last run over by the make-up and hair artists backstage.
Long cuffs in conjunction with the younger slim bomber jackets reminds of the rolled up sleeves we have been seeing in woman's fashion boyfriend jackets last year, but as with the "exposed underwear" it becomes part of the pattern of a single garment in this collection.
I am not impressed with the fit of 'trou in this case. Mid-tummy and low cut with a draping fabric? Nuh -uh!
Pulling the looks together and adding an odd shape of trousers with wide thighs and narrow, cuffed ankles. I'm not a fan. But the top half of the outfit is just what the girlfriend ordered from Santa for a stylish Christmas.
After gray and red, the Dolce and Gabbana stage presents the browner hues of gray with fur jackets, jeans and tank tops.
The wintery Christmas season seems behind us, but in fashion it's already preparing us not for this coming Christmas, but NEXT year's Christmas. If it was up to me, my partner will be a cross between the "Gentleman in Red Velvet" and biker in garters and fifties hat and square glasses.