Portmanteau List: An ode and wishlist to Young British Designers

I have a few posts up my sleeve that have been overdue for a while, and I'm starting with having a look at the one online stockist that warms my shackles with their hearty product descriptions, quirky yet sleek layout and most importantly, pick of the brightest and newest.

Keeping up with Young British Designers is exciting in itself. The concept of promoting what their name implies has sparked immediate interest in the fashion industry and piqued Vogue, Elle and many a celebrity to flock their combined influence towards this amazing concept.

Having been there since before the website launched, just on the sidelines, I remember the excitement that swept through the first circle of knowledgeable fashionistas including me. I won a beautiful scarf by Charlotte Taylor, whose blog I've stalked a little. Being what consists a young British designer myself, it obviously bares an additional layer of interest I won't ignore, but most of all, there are some serious gems to be found. Here are some of my favourite pieces - a wish list, if you will. And if you can afford them I truly encourage you to invest in a piece of fashion history. You'll be investing in someone who appreciates every single purchase and have for yourself a piece you will treasure forever as it increases in value. How perfect is this braided scarf?!

All images above are taken from the Young British Designers online shop. And here's little me proudly wearing the Charlotte Taylor Penguin Scarf! (£90)