Portmanteau List: ShoePorn - The shade of nude

It's that time of the night again when the European twitterati trickles out of my feed as American fashion lovers discuss their steps towards the end of their day. It's that time when I sit in bed still wide awake and a science program of some form or other lulls Stuart into sleep whilst captivating me and trickling into my subconscious filling the void of aforementioned trickling like a see saw of information.

It's that time of the night when the knowledge of having no access to a convenient hop and stroll to the corner shop MAY I get hungry is the very thing that makes me hungry. I know I cannot start reading because that means I will not sleep at all. And that can only mean one thing... It's time for a session of ShoePorn - today, it seems the nude, quite fittingly, awakens the ShoePorn sensibilities.